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Team Abilities

The following abilities can be purchased by individuals to provide benefits in team matches.  To have any effect two members of the team must have the same ability and then it only applies to them and only when two or more team members are fighting at the same time.  Sitting on the sidelines doesn’t count.  Abilities are listed in sets consisting one basic ability followed by its more advanced version.  To purchase the advanced version requires the basic one.  Costs are listed in Power Points.

Bait & Switch (4 PP)

This is the only “fair” double team.  One member of a duo blocks but foregoes the usual +2 Speed bonus after to confer it to a teammate that must attack their opponent this turn.  Example: Mortimer and Isaiah are teaming against Sampson.  Morty blocks this turn to give Isaiah +2 speed for his attack this round.

Advanced Bait & Switch (3 PP)

As above only the “aggressing” team member can reduce his damage difficulty by 1 if both they and the bait member spend 1 Willpower.

Mystical Attunement (3 PP)

Each member of the group gains a number of phantom health levels equal to their Focus.  This health is the first to be depleted by damage.

Advanced Mystical Attunement (3 PP)

As above except each member gains phantom health equal to their own Chi or Willpower, whichever is higher.

Inner Flux (2 PP)

Each member of the group gains the ability to swap Chi and Willpower at a 2:1 ratio.

Advanced Inner Flux (3 PP)

As above but with a 1:1 ratio.

Synchronized Fighting (special)

When purchasing a combo you must pay 1 PP for this benefit and link it’s starting move to the starting move of a teammate’s combo.  These moves must be the same.  For the duration of the combo, which must be the same length, each participating member gains +1 Speed and +1 Damage.

Advanced Synchronized Fighting (special)

As above except it costs 2 PP and the starting moves need not be the same but have to be the same type (punches, kicks, etc.)

The Strength of Many (3 PP)

This ability is passive until a teammate is knocked unconscious.  As you see a teammate drop you gain a +1 benefit that may go to speed, damage, or move each round.  This must be declared at the beginning of each round and lasts until the fight is over, you are knocked out, or your teammate awakens.

Advanced Strength of Many (3 PP)

As above only you may gain multiple benefits up to your Glory rank.

Firm Resolution (4 PP)

By paying 1 Willpower when knocked out you may “reduce” the number of lethal damage for recovery rolls by half (rounded down).  A fighter with 7 lethal would only need to rest through 4 of them, for example.

Advanced Firm Resolution (4 PP)

As above except by paying 1 Chi and 1 Willpower the fighter may ignore all lethal damage.

Home Arena (10 PP, paid by the Arena’s owner, not the team)

Fights in the Home Arena do not “expend” Glory for soaking.

Advanced Home Arena (3 PP paid by each member)

As above except each member that paid gains Glory as normal even if “expended” to soak.

Shield of Honor (3 PP)

By expending either a Chi or a Willpower point you may add your Honor to your Stamina whenever you are attacked dishonorably (from behind, while unconscious, etc.).

Advanced Shield of Honor (3 PP)

As above only with no cost.  Always active.

Thrill of Victory (3 PP)

When purchased the fighter must choose either Chi or Willpower.  Whenever the team knocks out an opponent the fighter regains 1 point of their chosen benefit.

Advanced Thrill of Victory (2 PP)

As above only allowing 1 point of both Chi and Willpower recovery. This stacks with the previous version.